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Are you interested in helping people meet their health goals all over Canada? True Health Clinics will help you connect with patients seeking treatment for their conditions by using medical cannabis. Our extensive online network of patients and doctors is able to ensure that no matter where a patient is in our great nation, they can get the medicine they need.

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Help Canadians Get Their Medicine

Medical Cannabis under the Cannabis Act allows for cultivators to sell cannabis directly to consumers, rather than through a retailer with recreational brands. This allows for direct access to product that may be unavailable at local or online dispensaries.

Recommend Proper Doses

When you are writing your prescription, you can recommend the proper dose a patient should take. This should optimize their treatment to ensure that they are getting the perfect amount of medicine they need to treat their conditions.

Connect with More Patients

Through True Health Clinics you will be able to recommend specific products more effectively and get people they help they need when they need it. Our online services will connect you and patients where you can provide them premium healthcare over the phone and online