Why Join True Health Clinics

For Patients

As a patient, True Health Clinics connects you with doctors all over Canada who are here to provide consultations with you to determine if medical cannabis is the right treatment for your disorder. We will put you in touch with the doctors and they can do your consultation right over the phone or online. Afterwards if our doctors recommend medical cannabis, you will receive your prescription in the mail in just a few short days. True Health Clinics will also assist you in filling out your application to the medical cannabis provider of your choice.

Register As a Patient

For Doctors

True Health Clinics is a way for you, as a physician, to help new patients achieve their health goals naturally, without the use of harsh opioids or other pharmaceuticals.  Our network connects you with patients who wish to seek treatment using medical cannabis for their conditions.  Through online and over the phone consultations you will be helping Canadians get the medicine they need to help their ailments with this amazing plant.

Join our Doctors Network

Prescriptions Made Easy

No matter where you are in Canada True Health Clinics can get you your prescription so you can obtain medical cannabis

Selecting the Right Provider

Our team can assist you in selecting the right licensed cultivator or provider for your medical cannabis. Then our team of experts will assist you in choosing the right strains or products that will be perfect for treating your condition.

Ongoing support

We won’t just leave you in the cold after you select your provider. Our team will provide ongoing support for your medical cannabis needs so you can meet your health goals successfully.

Why Get a Medical Cannabis License?

Even though recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, patients can still get medical grade cannabis to treat their conditions when recommended by a doctor. Whats the difference you then? Patients receiving medical cannabis can order their medicine direct from cultivators.  Patients much register with these cultivators and receive a recommendation from a doctor to be able to obtain cannabis for medical purposes. Patients may also receive financial assistance through extended health plans that subsidize the use of cannabis as medicine.

Why not go to my local dispensary?

While you could go to the local dispensary and get cannabis, often times from the same producers, medical cannabis goes through a more stringent process of measuring the THC, CBD and other medicinal ingredients before being sent to the consumer. This allows for more precise dosing of cannabis and for medical patients to be able to better control the amount of cannabis they need to consume in order to help themselves with their conditions.

Additionally, certain products may only be available to medical patients.  This could be a strain that was cultivated specifically for medical use or a product that was engineered to be helpful to people seeking treatment for certain disorders. While it may be tempting to self-medicate with cannabis, licensed cultivators and physicians will assist you in getting to correct dosage to have the greatest effects on you and your condition.